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The Point of History ~ The Carolingians ~ The Anglo-Saxons ~ The Vikings ~ The Dark Age of Europe ~ Medieval Childhood ~
1066: the Story of the Norman Conquest  ~ The Norman Conquest: Why It Matters ~ Domesday Book ~ Magna Carta ~  
The Role of the Supernatural in the First Crusade ~ The Rise and Fall of the Knights Templar ~ Medieval Health and Death ~
The Black Death ~ Science, Superstition and Study in the Middle Ages ~ Joan of Arc ~ The Castle: A Monument of the Middle Ages ~
Eleanor of Aquitaine ~ The Life and Times of Gerald of Wales ~ Giraldus Cambrensis and His Journey Through Wales in 1188 ~
Hildegard of Bingen ~ Home Sweet Home in the Victorian World ~ Compassion and Philanthropy in the Victorian World ~
The Rebecca Riots ~ Joseph Parry: a Welshman of Note ~ The Church in Gower, 400-1900 ~ The Founding of Medieval Swansea ~
The Story of Swansea Castle ~ The Port of Swansea ~ Swansea in the Civil Wars and Interregnum, 1642-1660 ~
Health and Death in 19th-century Swansea ~ Swansea in the Second World War

White Rock: 200 Years of the Copper Community ~ Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Swansea ~ Swansea Aviation Pioneers ~
The Great Meridian Conference  ~ Social history topics ~ Local and family history research  

The Origins of Swansea’s Copper Industry ~ The Development of the Welsh Tinplate Industry ~
The Role of Women in 19th-century Rural Wales ~ Monasticism in Medieval Wales ~ Personal Memories of  India

Swansea Castle ~ World War One: the War at Sea ~ The Industrial Story of Aberdulais Falls

Gwyrosydd: the Story of Daniel James, the Poet who Wrote ‘Calon Lân’ ~ Gwyrosydd: Y Dyn Ei Hun (talk delivered in Welsh) ~
The Role of Women in Medieval Wales ~ Diverse Welsh Saints ~ The Mabinogi

The Origins of the French Revolution ~ The Reign of Terror: the Heart of the French Revolution ~
King Richard II: A Study in Tyranny and Intrigue

A History of Housing ~ Health Care before the National Health ~ New Journalism in the 19th Century ~ Women in World War Two

In Flanders Fields: a Personal Journey of Discovery

A Day in the Swansea Workhouse ~ Captain Strange and the Swansea Battalion in the Great War ~ Swansea in the Great War

Henry Tudor: the Beginnings of the Tudor Dynasty  ~ Aspects in the Lives of Medieval Women ~ The Rebecca Riots ~
Princesses of Wales

Neath Abbey in the World of Western Monasticism

The Egypt Centre at Swansea University

Arms and Armour of the Middle Ages (this talk uses examples of armour and weaponry)

The Bayeux Tapestry  ~ Neath Abbey ~ Shakespeare and Stratford-upon-Avon  
Renaissance Italy ~  Renaissance Venice

Visualising the Past: Architectural Reconstruction Drawings ~ Castrum Leonis Roars Again: Holt Castle in Reconstruction Drawing ~
Illustrating the Laleston Stones Trail ~ Aberthaw Pebble Lime Works: Revision through Reconstruction Drawings

The Role of the Welsh Mam (provisional title) (talk available from January 2018)

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